Fertilizer, Weed, & Insect Control

Fertilization and Weed Control

Important considerations when hiring a Fertilization Company

  1. Are they licensed with the State of Idaho, Dept. of Agriculture?  It is actually a pretty big deal and illegal to offer this service if you are not properly licensed and insured. T & T Lawn Services technicians maintain all of their licenses and we carry full insurance to protect you, the client.
  2. What is our main focus?  The primary focus of our program is broadleaf weeds. Our program kills the broadleaf weeds in your lawn, and the fertilizer feeds the root system. A good root system will make it harder for weeds to grow in the lawn.
  3. How many applications are you performing?  Our program consists of 4 visits per year that include fertilizer, 2 of the visits include weed control. It has everything to do with the products being used. Better products equal better results! 


Fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grass that resists weeds, disease and insects. Lawns require fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. A well-fertilized lawn is better at preventing weed infestation as well as drought and disease. In turn, healthy lawns help the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

Weed Control

Weed control; combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices; will keep the grass thriving while the weeds disappear. Controlling weeds also helps protect your landscaping investment by allowing desirable plants to get more nutrients, water, light, and space.

Lawn Disease and Insect Control

  • Grub Control – These nasty little things hide in the root system of the lawn. You never know you have a problem, until they have done damage. If you have had issues in the past, we suggest a Preventative Application. If you don’t catch them in time, or if there are survivors after the Preventative Application, we offer a Curative Grub Application.
  • Lawn Insect Control – Whether you don’t like insects and spiders, or you are worried about your kids playing in the grass, we can help you get rid of the pesky insects, and give you peace of mind. We offer up to 4 Lawn Insect Applications per year.
  • Foundation Insect Control – If you have lived in Idaho Falls very long, you know that the Hobo Spider likes basements. We can spray around the exterior foundation of the home/building for spiders and insects. We offer up to 4 Foundation Insecticide Applications per year.

Other Lawn Treatments:

Tree and Shrub Treatments

We offer a variety of tree & shrub treatments to customers with sick, stressed or infested trees & shrubs. Most of these treatments are not a one and done treatment as it can take some time to turn a trees health around. Our various tree & shrub treatments include tree & shrub spraying, tree fertilization using deep root fertilization.

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