Irrigation Services

Sprinkler System Installation/Maintenance

Whether it’s a new installation, re-design of existing sprinkler system, sprinkler winterization, or sprinkler repair, a properly working sprinkler system is by far the unseen hero of any good looking lawn.

Sprinkler System - Spring Activation

This includes:

  1. Close all drain valves that were opened the previous fall.
  2. Turn main water supply on to the system.
  3. Check pressure vacuum breaker for leaks.
  4. Inspect valve boxes/valves for leaks.
  5. Turn on each zone and check for leaks while adjusting sprinklers for proper coverage.
  6. Flag and replace any non-working sprinklers.
  7. Inspect and drip line emitters for proper watering.
  8. Set up sprinkler controller for correct watering times/days per customer request or for seasonal time.
  9. Discuss with customer any repairs that are needed.

Our trained technicians can diagnose and repair all aspects of your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System - Sprinkler Winterization

In Idaho, Mother Nature likes to test our patience and keeps us in freezing temperatures for months. In the fall (October), sprinkler systems will need to be winterized. 

Caring for your sprinkler systems includes preparing them for the winter. Forgetting to winterize your sprinklers can damage them. 

When is the right time to do sprinkler system winterization? 

As a general rule, it is important to winterize your sprinklers at least a week before the expected first frost. 

Sprinkler winterization uses the blow out process to completely dry out your sprinklers including spray heads. 

When temperature starts to drop, it is important to conduct sprinkler winterization. You need to keep the valves and pipes dry before the first hard freeze. This is to ensure you do not leave any water inside. Use an air compressor to blow out your pipes.

  1. Turning off water supply to the sprinkler system.
  2. Hook up a compressor to your system while using the correct amount of pressure to blow out the water that is in the lines.
  3. Open any drains that are in valve boxes.
  4. Open drains on pressure vacuum breaker and turn ball valves to a 45 degree angle.

Sprinkler System Installation

T & T Lawn Services specializes in designing and installing sprinkler systems for both new and existing homes. We take a personalized approach by carefully listening to our customer’s specific needs and preferences to create a customized design that meets their requirements.

Sprinkler Repair

During winter, improper sprinkler winterization or visitors parking on your lawn can result in a wet, muddy lawn and high water bills. T & T Lawn Services offers expert irrigation repair services to avoid this. Our technicians are experienced in identifying the cause of issues with your sprinkler lines and heads and providing efficient solutions to keep your system working correctly. If you need professional sprinkler repair, please get in touch with us at (208) 522-9887.

Yard Enhancement with Water Features

Whether it’s a a fountain, yard stream, or pond T & T Lawn Services is Idaho Falls solution for proper installment. 

Water Features and Fountains

From tranquil ponds to soothing fountains, we specialize in creating outdoor water features. Our team combines local expertise with personalized service to design and install the perfect water feature for your space. With benefits like attracting wildlife and providing relaxation, our water features are more than just pretty—they’re a true oasis. Trust us to turn your outdoor dreams into reality and experience the joy of your own backyard sanctuary.

Backflow testing is a critical process to ensure the safety and purity of your water supply. At T & T Lawn Services, we emphasize the significance of this service in preventing contaminated water from flowing back into your plumbing system. Understanding the potential risks associated with backflow, such as waterborne diseases and pollutants, underscores the importance of regular testing. By adhering to local regulations and utilizing our expertise, we help maintain the integrity of your water system, safeguarding the health of your family or occupants and preserving property value. Trust T & T Lawn Services for comprehensive backflow testing solutions you can rely on.

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